Providing tax relief

We’re all feeling the squeeze from rising prices - and taxes. Since being elected Mayor in 2017, I cut taxes twice - without cutting back any services. As the next Chair of the Johnson County Board of Commissioners, I’ll work to provide tax relief to all our residents by expanding our economy and focusing on smart spending.


Protecting public safety

One of the greatest privileges of serving as Mayor of Roeland Park is the opportunity to work closely with our police department. During my time as Mayor, we fully funded the department, built out the mental health co-responder program, increased the number of officers, and added our first K-9 unit. I will bring that same focus on safety to the county.


Building on success

As a lifelong resident, I know Johnson County is a great place to raise a family, run a business, and retire comfortably. As Chair, I’ll focus on the every day issues that matter most - protecting our public schools, keeping our neighborhoods safe, and keeping Johnson County great for our kids.


Supporting economic growth

A vibrant economy benefits all residents. We will work to attract and retain quality companies in high-growth industries that offer good-paying jobs. We will partner with local entrepreneurs, business owners, and workers to strengthen our own small and growing businesses and give them the support they need to succeed.


Making smart investments

Johnson County residents expect and deserve high-quality services and amenities. The Commission should focus on smart spending priorities that enhance the everyday lives of residents while wisely investing in the future needs of the county.


Defeating the constitutional amendment

I believe in a woman's right to make her own personal health care decisions. I encourage all Kansans who value liberty to Vote No on August 2 to protect our state's constitution and the rights that it guarantees.


Defending democracy

Kansas’ Republican Secretary of State and local nonpartisan election officials have repeatedly confirmed there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud in Johnson County. Yet the Johnson County Sheriff has announced he is using taxpayer dollars to run an "investigation" of the 2020 Presidential election. Using money from the pockets of Johnson County residents to chase false claims of election fraud is a politically motivated stunt at taxpayers' expense. This is exactly the type of extremism that damages our reputation and our democracy, and it has no place in Johnson County.